Storytelling Lessons from Jesus

Doesn’t matter what you think of Jesus, gotta admit the guy could tell a story. Or the people who recorded them spiffed them up. Either way, Jesus often communicated (religious and otherwise) points through stories in ways that were not heavy handed yet still managed to tell a good story. See, Jesus knew his audience.… Continue reading Storytelling Lessons from Jesus

Time Doesn’t Flow Linearly

Well, actually time does go linearly in real life. But this is fiction I’m talking about. Y’know  those stories where events are told in the order of the sequence of events? Well this isn’t about that. Lost’s early episodes followed a basic format: focus particularly on one character on the Island all the while showing… Continue reading Time Doesn’t Flow Linearly

The Consistency of Continuity

The way reality (and by proxy, stories) works is that if one thing happens then something else does. Because of this, we have a natural sequence of events that happens. It’s a consistent sequence of events that have bearing on each other. Man, describing continuity is difficult. Basically, if something happened, it happened. Events that… Continue reading The Consistency of Continuity

Go For The Heart

Does anyone remember the movie Eragon? That horrible movie based on an alright book? It was a movie so poorly made and objectively bad we could ignore how crappy an adaptation it was. But what about when it’s a crappy adaptation too? M. Night Shyamalan cost himself his credibility when he put out The Last… Continue reading Go For The Heart