Combat Evolved Unevolved

I’m replaying Halo: Combat Evolved because it’s a great game and I haven’t played it in ages. The game holds up incredibly well, mostly because a lot of what it does has since become standard. The dual-stick controls that Halo codified have become standard in everything from Stray to God of War. A limited weapon loadout that you can swap on the fly with… Continue reading Combat Evolved Unevolved

Nine Things From 2022

Oh wow, I somehow fell out of the habit of doing my Top Nine Movies, probably on account of, y’know, the pandemic. So we’re bringing it back, but this time it’s not just movies. It’s nine things I really enjoyed this year. Some of which are movies, others, well, you’ll see. As ever, it’s nine… Continue reading Nine Things From 2022

But Why Rockets?

So I started playing Kerbal Space Program again, that game with robust rocketry physics where you launch rockets and try and orbit planets, land on moons, and do other space program stuff. It’s a great game, one that has me reading Wikipedia articles on orbital mechanics, taking note of delta-v calculations, and reassessing whether I… Continue reading But Why Rockets?