Destiny’s Got Plot, But Now Where Is It?

A new Destiny expansion came out and I have played it because I love me some Destiny. It’s got a whole new campaign adventure with a fun story twist: where the last expansion had the good guys learning to wield the Darkness (normally bad guy stuff), this time the bad guys have learnt to wield… Continue reading Destiny’s Got Plot, But Now Where Is It?

Best Zelda Game

Essays, Not Rants! 496: Best Zelda Game Link’s Awakening is the best The Legend of Zelda game. And I say this as someone who loves Breath of The Wild for its exploration and horse music. I usually prefer the classic top-down Zelda games (Link To The Past, the Oracle games, Minish Cap), maybe because I… Continue reading Best Zelda Game

Cinenarrative Dissonance

Why does Mario have extra lives? Oh I get it, it makes sense for a game, but is he a supernatural plumber that can come back from the dead? It’s good old-fashioned ludonarrative dissonance, the tension between gameplay and story that haunts gaming criticism. But for all the talk about its presence in video games,… Continue reading Cinenarrative Dissonance