Destiny’s Got Plot, But Now Where Is It?

A new Destiny expansion came out and I have played it because I love me some Destiny. It’s got a whole new campaign adventure with a fun story twist: where the last expansion had the good guys learning to wield the Darkness (normally bad guy stuff), this time the bad guys have learnt to wield… Continue reading Destiny’s Got Plot, But Now Where Is It?

Emerging Exploration

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a magnificently glitchy game. I have seen a crewmate go through osmosis while talking to him, I've fought an alien dinosaur that suddenly stopped moving its body (but still glided along the jungle floor and attacked me), and, through cunning manipulation of my space-car's six wheel drive and boost functions, have… Continue reading Emerging Exploration

Bang For A Buck

Movie tickets here in New York short you around $15 a pop. Which is a lot for a movie, but we go anyway because, y'know, movies. So it's worth it, price of admission and all that for those two hours. Conversely, your typical new video game costs $60 at base, ignoring deluxe editions, special editions,… Continue reading Bang For A Buck

The Elusiveness of Fun

What is fun? No, not what’s fun to do, what does “fun” mean? Johan Huizinga, a Dutch guy that wrote a lot about play and what play means, said in his Homo Ludens that “this last-named element, the fun of playing, resists all analysis, all logical interpretation.” He goes on to lament that there’s, to… Continue reading The Elusiveness of Fun