But Why Rockets?

So I started playing Kerbal Space Program again, that game with robust rocketry physics where you launch rockets and try and orbit planets, land on moons, and do other space program stuff. It’s a great game, one that has me reading Wikipedia articles on orbital mechanics, taking note of delta-v calculations, and reassessing whether I… Continue reading But Why Rockets?

Colonialism… IN SPACE!

While replaying Mass Effect: Andromeda I’m struck by one particular element of its central narrative: Colonialism. The game’s story sees a bunch of pioneers from the Milky Way, the Andromeda Initiative, arriving in the Andromeda Galaxy, ready to explore and set up a new life and all that. Turns out, their chosen chunk of Andromeda… Continue reading Colonialism… IN SPACE!

Where No One Has Gone Before

Let’s talk about space, because of Interstellar. Now, it’s hard to discuss the film because so much of what makes it Interstellar is because its based so fundamentally on the curves and turns of the plot. So for the sake of avoiding spoilers and ruining everything, we’re not talking about Interstellar’s story. Instead let’s talk… Continue reading Where No One Has Gone Before