Play Faster

The new Destiny expansion came out this week which means it’s back to the Destiny grind (haha, just kidding, I never stopped). It’s fun; the major Destiny release means there’s a lot of new stuff to do and big chunk of story to play through. It’s candy for someone like me who really enjoys Destiny, because it’s more of the game and, importantly, it’s new stuff to do.

With it, though, comes that pressure to get through it as quickly as possible.

It’s kinda like the midnight screenings of Marvel movies, where you feel the need to watch the New Thing as quickly as possible so as not to miss the zeitgeist at hand, of wanting to be a part of the Discussion. With Destiny, though, that pressure to Finish The Thing Quickly And Join The Rest feels especially pronounced, even within the game itself.

Over the campaign you encounter a new place, get new powers, and go on adventures. Y’know, normal fun adventure stuff. But this all takes place within the larger Destiny game system. There’s a new Strike (a co-op mission) that’s added to the rotator, but you’ll wanna encounter it in the story first before just happening upon it elsewhere. The bevy of activities that Destiny offers lies waiting, but you should probably play through the Lightfall campaign to get all the toys you need to fully take advantage of it.

This is probably a combination of my own FOMO and Destiny’s odd mixture of MMO and more traditional first-person shooter. There’s no real harm in me taking my time with it, even if the game seems to be enticing me to finish it all as quickly as possible — perhaps as a result of that odd mixture of MMO and FPS. Plus, each week brings a new bit of story in the current Season. There’s a lot to do and only so much time to do it.

But hey, I’m happy for more Destiny. I guess I just wish the game wasn’t trying to hurry me along all the dang time.

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