What’s Up?

We’re halfway through February.

By my count, this puts me eleven months into this odd pseudo-lockdown that New York’s been in as a result of the global pandemic. I saw pseudo-lockdown because indoor dining opened yesterday (again) even though the infection rate has held steady in the city at around 7-8% for the past few weeks. Not a great sign.


In lieu of a proper post today, here’s a fun update on some of the recent stuff I’ve been into, and thoughts about ’em:


  • Caste by Isabel Wilkerson
    I mentioned this book a few weeks ago, and, having finished it, gotta say, it’s a sobering look at the reality of life in America. Educational and heartbreaking, it wasn’t an easy read.
  • Jim Henson by Brian Jay Jones
    I always appreciated the Muppets’ zaniness, and a friend suggested I read up on Henson and his way of storytelling. So far it’s been an illuminating look at his life. Also makes me wanna watch a lot of Muppets.


  • WandaVision
    This show is bonkers. And it’s weird with an intention, which is something I really appreciate. As it passed the halfway mark it started showing the cards in its hand and I really hope it sticks the landing. The show’s like if Community and Lost had a delightful love child that grew up in a comic book store and somehow it works.
  • Ted Lasso
    I was told that the show was warm and heartfelt, and truthfully, I was not prepared for how delightfully nice the show is. 


  • Even more Destiny 2
    I make no apologies for this. It’s fun.
  • Shadow of The Tomb Raider
    Not sure how I feel about this one. It doesn’t feel as tight as the prior two entries, and there are some narrative and thematic issues that I really take issue with, but that’s a rant essay for next week, after I’ve played more of the game and had some time to do some research.


  • evermore, by Taylor Swift
    Gotta say, I wasn’t expecting Taylor Swift to do a song with Bon Iver, but “exile” off of folklore is such a great song that I checked out — and got really into — the whole album. The surprise follow up evermore may not have that singular powerhouse of a song (look, I really like Bon Iver and “exile” is really good), but it’s a very solid album with a few absolutely heart wrenching-songs (“Champagne Problems” is a good song but wow is it a hard listen).
  • Creatures In Your Head, by Run River North
    Favorite band put out a new album yesterday. It’s a jam, from the frenetic “Lonely Weather” to the 80s vibes of “Weight” and the melancholy of “Cemetery.” Most of the songs have been released as they’ve been produced over the pandemic, but this is one of those albums that comes together so well as a whole (going from “Funhouse” to “One For Me” should not work as well as it does). I’m always happy for new jams from these guys.

That’s this week. Expect something tomorrow about the weird intersection of colonialism and video game mechanics. Y’know, the usual stuff.

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