A Sore Arm

Hey there.

I’m exhausted today, but that’s probably less because of World Events and more because I got my second Covid shot yesterday. Not to say things have gotten much better from last week, with another two mass shootings in the US happening since then that really call into question the ‘normal’ we’re returning to as the pandemic (hopefully) winds down.

My arm is sore and my body is tired, which means that this vaccine is doing its thing and my body is doing its thing. It’s great, but I’m tired.

I’m glad I got a vaccine, I really am, and I count myself lucky. I’m also still frustrated that this is what it had to come to. Frustrated that a country decided to wait for a vaccine to bring a balm to this pandemic rather than going into lockdowns and requiring masking. The former is a financial train wreck, but it’s not like the US is going broke any time soon (look, I know it’s even more complicated than that, but if there’s a time to break through bureaucracy and guarantee people an income it’s in the middle of a frickin’ global pandemic). 

The mask thing still annoys me, since it still seems such a touchy subject in some places, and people still not realizing the thing goes over the nose. We’ve known all along that wearing a mask isn’t so much to protect yourself as much as it is to protect someone else, because you might be sick and asymptomatic so you do it for the greater good. Which is apparently a huge ask.

And yet, here we are.

I’ve no new observation of this whole scenario, no pithy commentary on the situation. Just that it still persists and maybe, maybe this soreness in my arm is one step back to normalcy. Maybe someday not too far away I’ll be sitting in a cinema watching a movie again, rather than making do on my tv. I do hope that the normal’s a new one, one better than what it was before. 

Meanwhile, there’s a container ship stuck in the Suez Canal and that whole incident is giving me life. Oh, it sucks for the crew and the other ships in line, but man if isn’t the gift that keeps on giving. The memes are great.

In the meantime. Help. Consider giving to the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. Learn what you can. Support your local Asian-run restaurant. 

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