I’m on vacation this week, like a real, legitimate, vaccinated vacation (this post coming to you from middle-of-nowhere in the south of Iceland). Not gonna have too much of a post here, so, in keeping with the last time I was on vacation, I’m gonna link up three posts from the last few months.

I love adventure stories (and my current vacation has its own shades of it), but adventure stories have a messy past that they have to reckon with in one form or another. Shadow of The Tomb Raider makes a lot of unfortunate choices along the way and is a reminder of what stories have to do better.

This is a post that draws some wild conclusions from a  movie that probably didn’t mean for these conclusions to be drawn. But so what. Enjoy.

I really like Raya and The Last Dragon. I also really like food. One of the magical moments in Raya is the use of congee and food as part of culture and storytelling. It’s also something from my culture which makes it extra special and magical. I’d like more of that like I’d like a second helping of congee.

So that’s that for this week. I’m gonna get some sleep (it’s midnight, but still light out in Iceland), and tomorrow we’re hitting Jökulsárlón. Cheers.

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