On The Road (But Not In A Kerouac Way)


I’m in the middle of some Pretty Big Life Stuff at the moment that has me leaving New York and engaging in a Great American Road Trip heading towards Pasadena by way of pretty much the middle of America. We’re hitting some of the big sights (The World’s Largest Ball of Twine is day after tomorrow!) and making a fun Adventure out of it. But by virtue of spending my days driving or poking around to find the Liberty Bell of The West (it’s real!), I don’t really have much time to put together much of a blog post.

So instead, please enjoy this magnificent rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ by way of ‘You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)’ I was recently made aware of and continues to break my brain.

Anyway, I’m 1,100 miles into this trip, and we’re on chapter 3 of the audiobook of The Last Command

See you in a week.

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