Wow, it’s late. I’m only just writing this at around 11:30pm California time, so as long as I post this guy within the next half hour, I’m technically still on schedule.

It’s been another wild week for me, one packed end-to-end with apartment viewings capped off with a lease signing and starting the hunt for furniture for my third apartment. In a nice bit of poetry, I don’t have a bed, but I do have my internet set up, as I did in my first apartment a little over six years ago. Though then I had a couch, this time an air mattress.

In any case, this is very much where the fun begins. I’ve measured up the apartment and put it in a floor plan program which means it’s time to play real-life Build/Buy Mode from The Sims. It’s basically the same, right? Get the necessities, fit them in, make sure things are livable, and see if you can’t put a nice glass coffee table for your LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon. I really enjoy this process. Maybe because it appeals to that part of my brain that loves a good puzzle, and what is interior design but a puzzle about furniture and habitation?

That’s probably a bit of an oversimplification.

Unlike The Sims, however, in real life, it’s not nearly as easy to change the floor plan and your budget is much more limited, especially because you can’t just grab a job from the newspaper/computer and get a promotion and bonus inside a week. But then, that just makes it even more of a puzzle since now you have a budget constraint to work with and have to choose what you keep and what you let go. That glass coffee table is a non-negotiable, though.

On a wholly unrelated note, Shang-Chi comes out next week and I am super looking forwards to it (heck, I’m getting my vaccinated-and-masked self into a theater to watch it!). Just the fact that it exists means a lot to me, what, being Asian-American and all that. That’s a blogpost for another day, though, one after a lot of Ikea furniture assembly.

So allow me to leave you with this tweet showing Simu Liu with Michelle Yeoh and Sandra Oh  at the London premiere of Shang-Chi.

Note: It’s 11:51. Nailed it.

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