Spidey’s Kicks

I started playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales recently, in-between outs of Horizon Forbidden West (80+ hours and 75% done!). It’s great so far; I mean, it’s more Spider-Man and that was a game I really liked. It’s fun to play as Miles and I’m enjoying his arc (and I look forward to seeing where it goes).

And of course, there’s New York.

There is a valid criticism that the map’s basically the same as in the original game, and on the one hand, reusing it for a semi-standalone expansion seems stingy, but I’m not complaining because, again, it’s twelve more hours of Spider-Man. And this time New York is snowy, so, it’s a little different.

But man, like in the original game, it really feels like New York with all these little quirks that help sell it. Plus, there are unremarked upon details that help sell it.

Like Miles’ Timbs.

You can change your spider-suit throughout the game, and I just unlocked the Homemade one. It looks, well, homemade, with a balaclava and goggles instead of a proper mask. You know the sort. With this suit, Miles isn’t wearing the Adidas he wears with some of the others, with this one he’s wearing a pair of pretty distinct tan boots. They aren’t branded, but it’s pretty clear they’re meant to be Timberlands.

Those shoes are a staple of New York fashion, for a whole host of reasons that I don’t have the expertise to get into. But trust me when I say they’re a Thing, and very much the sort of Thing that Miles would be aware of. Giving him a pair is a small detail that does a lot.

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