Back To The Wild

I never finished Breath of The Wild.

I know, that feels heretical to say. It’s an excellent game, one that I’ve enjoyed tremendously and even wrote about on this blog a bunch. And yet, I never fought Ganon, beat the game, and found out how it ended.

There is something of a reason for it. I really, really liked playing it and didn’t want it to end. After I’d gotten past the final Divine Beast and was all set to march on the castle and free Hyrule once and for all. But that would also mean the game would be over and my experience in the magical world would end. So I slowly stopped playing, telling myself that I would finish it eventually, and then, before I knew it, a couple years passed and I still haven’t finished the game.

So now I’m faced with a daunting prospect: Do I continue my old save, or do I start over completely?

I put hours into that game, maxing out my stamina and hearts, going on all those side quests that aren’t marked as side quests but are definitely great adventures (there was that creepy maze, there was the island where I washed up with no gear, there was the dark forest!). I’ve done it all, so I may as well cap off my adventure and save Hyrule once and for all.

But it’s also been ages since I touched the game, all the tricks to the gear I have Link have been forgotten and I don’t know my way around Hyrule nearly as well as I once did — let alone how to fight all those monsters and Guardians. I’m not as good as the game thinks I am, and honestly, I wanna be good when I beat Calamity Ganon once and for all.

At present, with the lost momentum whatever emotional impact is waiting for me at the end will be muted. I’ll be jumping into a television show at its finale, with the preceding events being blurry memories. I’m reading the final three chapters of a book I started a long time ago. I don’t think that picking it up again will carry the full weight of having played it through. I remember my love of Hyrule, but I don’t love it in actuality anymore. It seems like in my effort to make the fun of it last longer, I ended up dulling the overall effect.

All in all, it looks like I’ll have to start over from the beginning to get the full Breath of The Wild. And daunting as it is, it’ll be fun to dive back in from the start. Plus, I’ve plenty of time until the sequel comes out.

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