Trucking On

Alright, first Saturday of November and NaNoWriMo! So far I’ve been trucking on with a daily word count that feels oddly high. Probably because I’m just rewriting stuff I’ve already written so it’s a lot of typing and less thinking, though occasionally I do clean up a passage and rework things to make a little more sense.

It’s pretty fun to see things that I thought were good ideas that ended up having no bearing on anything later on (cut that). Also interesting to see characters I introduced but had already dropped a chapter or two later (cut them from the beginning). Then, of course, comes weaving in new plot hooks to set things up that’ll be paid off later, or just tweaking things to do it. Like I said, it’s all rewriting.

Anyway, Andor continues to be absolutely excellent; I’m looking forward to checking out Weird when I get the chance; and watching Twitter implode would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic to see a social media hellsite I genuinely enjoy going away.

And now, I return to my writer-goblin life as I type away.

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