2022 In Review

Wow. The year’s ending. Still hard to believe that 2023 starts tomorrow. But anyway, less ruminating, more doing that thing I do every year where I do a post about posts in my tenth year of maintaining this blog.

Five Most Popular / Viewed Posts

#5: Returns

This one’s about hope in light of anxiety, something that doesn’t really feel to have abated too much over the last year. And The Lord of The Rings is always relevant.

#4: Elegy For a Hellsite

I really like Twitter, despite its many flaws. As it continues to spiral away, it’s important to remember that it’s changed the way that life works, perceptibly or not.

#3: Identity Crisis

An episode of the Boba Fett tv show ended up being an episode of the tv show about the Mandalorian. It was odd and didn’t help a tv show that was struggling to find its own groove.

#2: Revolutionaries

Andor, meanwhile, is a show that knew what it was about from the get go and never stopped. It’s a show about revolution, about rebellion, about radicalization. And it is so very good.

#1: Big Ol’ Trees

I went to Sequoia National Park this year and because of the way my brain works, I thought it looked like Endor (for obvious reasons). And I think that’s part of the magic! It’s part of what makes the world so cool, seeing the way it inspires others! Also the trees are really cool.

Josh’s Pick of Three

#3: Predator / Prey

It’s 2022 and I’m still excited about representation in film. Some things never change.

#2: Lightness

I maintain that within the general awfulness of everything, there is a nobility in escaping to dreams of a better world. That can be a National Park, that can be The Lord of The Rings.

#1: Film Camera, Again

I’m realizing I’m pivoting this blog to be less essays about pop-culture and more, we’ll, traditionally bloggish content. I’m not sure why this happened, but as social media implodes around us, it’s nice to have a space where I can just write about the things that bring me joy.

So this is the new year. I’ve little idea what to expect, but hey, here’s hoping for the best.

Cheers, friend, thanks for reading.

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