Sick Day

I’ve been laid up for the past few days, and so, sadly, I have not yet finished reading Jacques the Fatalist. So in lieu of putting together a coherent blog post today, I’ll toss out a few things I’ve been enjoying lately.

Abbott Elementary

This show fills the hole for warm, kind comedies that I need when Ted Lasso is off the air. Able to be delightfully pointed in its satire while still wearing its heart on its sleeve, it’s a great tv show that makes the most of its elementary school setting. Every award and praise this show has received is well worth it.

The Last of Us

Then on the opposite end of the television spectrum. The Last of Us, that video game I love, is now a TV show. And man, it’s a good show. It’s a heavy show and it can be A Lot, but it’s adapting the game so well and keeping its soul in tact. It’s definitely a highlight of the weak, even if the episodes can be crushing at times. So good.

Final Fantasy X

I’ve been on a Final Fantasy kick lately, started by revisiting VIII a few months ago (game holds up, definitely my favorite Final Fantasy of the ones I’ve played, no further arguments). I’m almost done with X and it has been a ride. The game is all over the place; its plot is coherent but inelegant and its characters thin. But I can’t wait to see how it ends and am looking forward to checking out X-2 next.

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