Here We Go Again

Hey, it’s November.

Once again, I am, for some reason unknown to me, trying to write 50,000 words in one month. If you’re curious, it’s a continuation of what I was writing last year, and I think I just might be able to bring it all to a conclusion. I’m just trying to figure out how to avoid the all-too-typical ending of blowing up the Big Thing or using it to Make The World A Better Place, which seems to be the usual way of ending big space operas. Star Wars movies blow up the Droid Control Ship/Death Star/Death Star II/Starkiller Base/random fleet of Sith ships. Mass Effect 3 offers you which flavor of ending you want, be it destroy, control, or merge, which are pretty typical of the sort of endings for this fiction (do you destroy the Mysterious Thing, do you control the Mysterious Thing to your own ends, or do you use the Mysterious Thing to make all life inherently different).

Narratives, man. Gotta figure out how to end this thing while still going 2,000 words a day (I fell behind last week for Obvious Reasons and am no catching up). Writing this much mostly by the seat of my pants is a nerve-racking experience enough without the general 2020iness of it all.

Anyway. This is my first of a few cop-outs this month. Time to get back to writing.

But also, how cool was the third episode of The Mandalorian? The interweaving of sources makes me think of the halcyon days of the old Expanded Universe. More of this please and thank you.

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