Still Writing

Despite the nebulous passage of time that has marked much of this year, it continues to be November, and I continue to be writing. I’m sitting right around 34,000 words, which isn’t that far from par and ‘only’ 16,000 to go. Not bad! And I think I’ve figured out my final act in a very Pepe Silvia-esque diagram in my notebook.

The Mandalorian continues to be a highlight of the week (along with Bake-Off, of course). I’m very interested in the idea of exploring his upbringing as being one in a cult and the required deprogramming of those attitudes that could happen, especially if that’s his arc. An interesting complication is The Child, who, were he to become a Jedi, would be part of another cult unto itself. How individuals relate to these things — especially when Ahsoka is introduced, as she’s someone who left the Jedi Order — could make for a very interesting throughline.

And that’s not even getting into all the shenanigans the Imperial Remnant is up to.

Anyway. I’ve gotta write another thousand words tonight. So I’m gonna get on that.

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